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Pristina: Two children find 100 euros, hand them over to the police station

Two children found today in Prishtina 100 euros, who may have lost someone.

Adni and Diell Pruthi, students of the elementary school “Naim Frashëri”, together with Genc their parent sent them to the police station “Center”.

The money was found on “Ali Pasha Tepelena” street and was in two 50 banknotes.

Today, the children Adni Pruthi and Diell Pruthi returning from school – SHFMU “Naim Frashëri” – Prishtina on Ali Pasha Tepelena Street in front of the pastry shop Agusholli found 2 banknotes from 50 €, total value 100 €. We handed over the money to the Police Station – Center. The person who lost the money can appear at the Police Station-Center “.

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