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PRODUCTION: American/Serbian Horror Subspecies V: Blood Rise Shoots in Serbia

BELGRADE: Ted Nicolaou’s Subspecies V: Blood Rise, a new installment in the famous horror franchise, is currently shooting in Serbia as an American/Serbian coproduction involving the local company Red Production. The producers intend to apply to Serbia’s cash rebate programme.

Blood Rise, which comes 24 years after the Subspecies IV (Subspecies: The Awakening), spans 500 years in the life of the vampire Radu Vladislas. The long-anticipated prequel to the Subspecies series chronicles Radu’s descent from a noble warrior of the Church to a depraved creature of the night. Stolen by crusaders on the night of his birth, he has no knowledge of his bloodline: his mother was a demon, and his father was a vampire.

The film is lensed by Serbian DoP Vladimir Ilić. The major roles are played by: Kevin Spirtas, Andres Hove, Denice Duff, Staša Nikolić, Marko Filipović, Olivera Peruničić, Petar Arsić and Yulia Graut.

Subspecies V: Blood Rise is made under the Full Moon Features label with Charles Band as executive producer. The film is produced by USA’s Not the Funeral Home & Pioneer Media. Justin Martell, Seager Dixon, and Matt Manjourides are the producers, and the Serbian coproducers from Red Production are Miloš Đukelić and Vladimir Đukelić.

The principal shooting is expected to finish by 25 September 2022. Certain aspects of postproduction are planned to be done in Serbia.

Production Information:

Not the Funeral Home & Pioneer Media (USA)

Red Production (Serbia)

Director: Ted Nicolaou
Scriptwriter: Ted Nicolau
DoP: Vladimir Ilić
Cast: Kevin Spirtas, Andres Hove, Denice Duff, Stasa Nikolić, Marko Filipović, Olivera Peruničić, Petar Arsić, Yulia Graut

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