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Prosecution launches investigations into abuse of position against apostrophized persons in media recordings – Latest News

Prosecution launches investigations into abuse of position against apostrophized persons in media recordings

Sources of “Oath of Justice” within the Basic Prosecution in Prishtina, have confirmed that they have authorized the start of investigations into the recordings published last week in the online media, on suspicions of abuse of position by senior officials of the system justice and independent agencies.

“Investigative actions will be taken against all persons apostrophized in the recordings published these days in the online media”, sources within the prosecution have announced.

Last Friday, July 30, 2021, the online media “Shqip.com” published several recordings, which according to the report, include several senior officials, among whom, the prosecutor of the Department of Serious Crimes in Prishtina, Shemsie Asllani.

According to this report, prosecutor Asllani is heard talking to a person (who does not become known to the public), about her influence and the help she had given to a person to become a judge. “Someone begged me to help him become a judge, and he had a reputation and he told me I need your help and I told him I can help him because he is my official, collaborator”, is quoted from the recordings by the prosecutor Asllani.

Prosecutor Asllani even talks about her influence within the Kosovo Intelligence Agency. ” What did you have them? And where is he connecting you? “Immediately he cares if they made you… immediately to KIA when he told me to talk, I spoke to KIA, I have friends and I have people who guard me…”, Asllani is quoted.

These and other statements of the prosecutor Shemsie Asllani are heard in these recordings during a telephone conversation she has with a person, who is reported by “Shqip.com” that he has information about her. According to the report, it turns out that the person who called him tells prosecutor Asllani that a car was unjustly confiscated from him and asks her to help him get it out.

Among other things, in these recordings, the Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, is mentioned, where according to the report, it turns out that he was in the house of the prosecutor Shemsie Asllani with some other persons, for whom there are photos and recordings. Chief Prosecutor Lumezi in the conversation is referred to as Leka.

In these recordings is also mentioned the member of the Judicial Council, Driton Muharremi and the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Dardan Nuhiu.

Regarding these investigative actions authorized for these persons, “Oath of Justice” has tried to talk by phone with the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Pristina, Kujtim Munishi, but he has not responded. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of this Prosecution, Laureta Ulaj, contacted by phone said that she has no knowledge about the actions taken in this case.

“Oath for Justice” has requested answers through requests for information via e-mail from Chief Prosecutor Munishi and spokeswoman Ulaj, but they have not responded.

Meanwhile, Minister Hekuran Murati through the social network “facebook” has announced that after these published recordings, the Director of Financial Intelligence, Dardan Nuhiu, has been fired. “After reviewing the audio recordings published in the media yesterday and today, which implicate the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, the Supervisory Board, in the meeting held today, decided to dismiss him with immediate effect”, it is said in Murat’s post .

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