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Rama in Otranto: Albania got more Afghans than many rich countries – Latest News

Rama in Otranto: Albania got more Afghans than many rich countries

Prime Minister Edi Rama is paying a visit to Italy. Tonight from Otranto in the solemn memorial speech, near the sculpture of the “Four of Rada” he stopped at the shelter of Afghans, where he said that Albania is the country that will receive more refugees than many other rich countries in Europe. Such a thing, Rama further said, Albania does to honor history.

“I am here today and I can remember when we were Afghans today, while escaping from a similar hell from its foundations, because although the Tirana regime was not a fundamentalist Islamic regime, it was ideologically based on terror and denial. complete of the other.

I am glad to have the opportunity to see this work up close, which was conceived by a great artist, I have the honor to know this artist and admire him not only through his works, but also as a person. I had the pleasure of embracing her a little while ago.

Something that makes us think of those women and children who lost their lives on that ship. To reflect on the great fortune we had and still have today, fortune that we are close to Italy and especially close to Puglia.

It certainly tells us a lot that we can learn that the progress that has been made in Puglia is all that has been done with innovation. The fact that it is Albania that should expect more refugees than many other rich countries. We do it to honor our history “he said./abcnews.al

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