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Ramadan: About 1 million residents should be immunized to restrict the COVID-19 pandemic

Infectious disease specialist Hamdi Ramadani said that in Kosovo about 1 million citizens should be immunized in order to limit the coronavirus pandemic.

Ramadani said in the show “Shëndeti” of RTV Dukagjini, that even the vaccinated citizens should keep the mask and the social distance as they can carry the contagious version of delta to others.

“Over 1 million citizens should receive both doses of the vaccine. “By respecting the anti-epidemiological measures, we will be in a better and more normal situation and we will be able to limit the pandemic”, he said, adding that vaccination and immunization is the only weapon against the delta virus.

Otherwise, the Government of Kosovo has announced that so far over 440 thousand citizens have received two doses of vaccine against COVID-19 or 35% of the adult population over 18 years.

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