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Despite the possibilities, on Sundays there is no interest in being vaccinated – Latest News

Despite the possibilities, on Sundays there is no interest in being vaccinated

Today was the second Sunday that citizens had the opportunity to be vaccinated. But despite this this Sunday there was little interest of citizens for vaccination.

The head of the media division at the Ministry of Health, Faik Hoti, says that despite the fact that there are free appointments for vaccination, the interest of the citizens was small.

“What worries us is that the interest of citizens for vaccination on Sundays is low. “Despite the insistence that the vaccination start on Sundays, not even 40% of the vaccination capacities at the national level have been used”, Hoti declared for the public television.

Those who have received the vaccines call on the citizens to be immunized as soon as possible.

“It is for our health to be protected,” said a citizen who had just been vaccinated.

“I appeal to young people and all citizens to be vaccinated because it is for our health and the health of others,” said a young man.

There are also those who after vaccination end up in emergency teams.

According to doctors this comes more from the phobia they have from vaccination

“We have these cases every day, and this is mostly due to the phobia of injecting the vaccine. We do the initial examination and if necessary we give them therapy “, declared the doctor Haki Dragusha.

So far in Kosovo have been administered over 1 million doses of vaccine, while about 440 thousand citizens have received two doses of vaccine.

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