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Daut Haradinaj: There should be an equality plan in construction in Pristina

The candidate of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo for Mayor of Pristina, Daut Haradinaj, was today on a street in Bregun e Diellit in the capital. He estimates that from the outskirts of this neighborhood to Iliria University, is an untreated part and there should be a plan of equality in construction, reports Klankosova.tv.

“One of the most famous parts of the Sun Coast continues to be plunged into chaos. “With the regulatory plan and equal treatment in construction, we will provide a solution to this problem.” said Haradinaj through a Facebook post.

According to him, this issue should be addressed urgently and does not require costs, and emphasizes that the real possibilities are for the Sunshine Coast to be one of the most urbanized and regulated neighborhoods in Pristina.

He further vows that during his rule there will be equality in construction, for every neighborhood in the capital.

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