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Rare, Luan Krasniqi poses with his wife at the wedding of the former minister’s son

Luan Krasniqi has managed over the years to maintain the primacy in the family.

The famous Albanian boxer has rarely posed with his wife.

Junikasi was a guest with his wife at the wedding of the son of the former Albanian minister, Sander Lleshi.

“One is happy anyway when you participate in a family fun that with the excited atmosphere, with the sounds of tasteful music, with happy guests and professional hospitality, makes you feel like a guest invited by heart.

Therefore, in this way, I thank my friend Sander Lleshi, who with the party organized for the wedding of their daughter, enabled us to experience very good moments in Tirana.

I wish the young couple Dorotheas and Manuel good health and permanent success “, writes Luan Krasniqi in the announcement.

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