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Rinian’s lawyer girlfriend is also the mother of a daughter

Riniani after leaving “Përputhen” is no longer single and his heart has started to beat again for someone.

Invited to “Albania live”, a few days ago Riniani showed that the girl does not belong to showbiz and has now decided to make the connection public.

The former contestant posted the first photo with her partner, who is a very lovely brunette.

Next to the photo, Riniani wrote: “Her smile”, showing that she fell in love with him because of this feature.

Rinian’s partner is called Anisa and in her Instagram bion she reveals that she is the mother of a girl and works as a lawyer in Spain.

“The heart has resumed to know that it has happened, I already say that we are in the phase of love, it has nothing to do with ‘Për’puthen’, nor with showbiz we had a contact when I was leaving the program”, Riniani said.

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