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RTK Board dismissal session, next week – Latest News

Session for dismissal of the RTK Board, next week Photo: Laura Hasani

The Presidency of the Assembly has decided to hold the next session next week.

In the next session, the Presidency has decided that the dismissal of the RTK Board should be on the agenda, reports Zeri.info.

This was announced by the head of the PDK Parliamentary Group, Abelard Tahiri, who described the dismissal of the Public Television Board as a blow to the free media.

“In the next session that will be held next week, this majority has decided to continuously degrade the independent institutions in the Republic of Kosovo, so part of this session will be the dismissal of the RTK Board, a blow that “It is being given to a free medium, an important information institution for the citizens of Kosovo”, said Tahiri after the meeting of the Presidency.

He added that the Assembly has become an institution that serves only the family and close interests of the government, led by Albin Kurti. / Voice

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