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“Russian House” on a mission in Kosovo – Latest News

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A delegation from the Belgrade-based Russian Center for Science and Culture, “Russian House” (Ruski dom), visited Kosovo last week to meet with Serb representatives, including Kosovo Minister of Returns and Communities Goran Rakic ​​and MP of the Assembly of Kosovo from the ranks of the Serbian List, Igor Simic.

They discussed “numerous issues of developing and strengthening co-operation with local educational, cultural and social institutions”. It was said that some agreements reached in Kosovo will strengthen the position of the Russian language “in this region and the promotion of Russia’s achievements in the field of education, culture and science”. The delegation of the Russian Center in Kosovo also met with representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Gracanica and Deçan.

The communiqué of the Russian Center for Science and Culture states that the visit of the delegation of the “Russian House” was conducted with the support of the “Office in Pristina of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Serbia”.

The office of the Russian Federation is located in the Arbëria neighborhood in Prishtina.

Radio Free Europe addressed this office, regarding the visit of the delegation of the “Russian House” in Kosovo, with the question what was the purpose of this visit, for which specifically the agreement was reached in the meetings that were held. But, from this office they have not returned an answer.

Radio Free Europe asked the Government of Kosovo if they were aware of the two-day stay of the delegation of the Russian Center in Kosovo and asked for a comment regarding this visit.

The spokesman of the Government of Kosovo, Përparim Kryeziu responded briefly.

“We have been informed about the meeting in the meantime, but as the Office of the Prime Minister we have not been officially informed about it”, said Kryeziu in a written response.

Radio Free Europe also addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo with the question whether it was informed about the visit of the delegation of the “Russian House”, but until the publication of this text, this ministry has not returned any answer.

Russia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence and considers its territory to be an integral part of Serbia.

The full text can be found HERE.

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