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“Russian Popeye” who left the sport due to extremely large biceps, now makes movies to grow up with his girlfriend – Latest News

March 26, 2021 – 21:46

Latest news from the sport

Russian bodybuilder, Kirill Teresin, became known to the public for his extraordinary biceps, compared to the rest of the body, reports Zeri.info.

Because of his biceps, he was called “Russian Popeye”. In an interview, he revealed that he had used a combination of home-made chemicals, based on Sintol oil that is injected directly into muscle.

“I went to the gym for two years and then I was forced to serve in the army. I was afraid they would laugh at me because I was weak and because of this I started using Sintol. “The family was very worried and tried to stop me, but I continued,” said the 25-year-old.

Because of this, Teres had serious life-threatening health problems, so she had to undergo surgery.

“The operation on the right arm was successful. I thank surgeon Dmitry Vladimirovich Melnikov for performing this difficult operation and saving my life. Thanks also Albina Abazailieva, who took care of my hand after the operation “- Kiril wrote on his” Instagram “.

Kirill Teresin also went through a difficult private life. His fiancée Olesja Malibu left him at the moment they were planning the wedding. Teres found solace in porn star Candy Kathy, with whom she now makes adult films. /Zeri.info

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