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Sahatqija: Coordination with opposition would strengthen Kurti in dialogue with Serbia – Latest News

Sahatqija: Coordination with the opposition would strengthen Kurti in the dialogue with Serbia

Former Kosovo Consul in the US, Teuta Saqatqija, said that the Kurti Government should cooperate closely with the opposition for the dialogue process for Kosovo to be successful in the end.

“The reports that need to be made should be regular in the Assembly of Kosovo and there should be a coordination with the opposition as the decision of the opposition would strengthen the Prime Minister Kurti. The final agreement and the position of Kosovo is not only the interest of one party, but it belongs to Kosovo. “And I believe that all parties are interested in ending this dialogue so that Kosovo remains with what it is as a territory and gains recognition from the EU, as well as paving the way for NATO.”

Sahatiqja said that the LDK will be a supporter of the process where Kosovo is the beneficiary, but it will do so in the Assembly and not as a participant in the dialogue delegation.

“LDK will be constructive, will give its contribution to the Assembly, but will not be part of the delegations. LDK is pro and believes that Kosovo should benefit and maintain its unitary character and its contribution will be given to the maximum in the Assembly of Kosovo “.

She also commented on the last meeting of Prime Minister Kurti with President Vuiqi. In Brussels, saying that she hopes to serve Kosovo for the better.

“I hope that his presentation and the points I put forward have a background and are well thought out, because in addition to pleasing us as Kosovo with those points, I think that these points will have to be in order to strengthen the dialogue. “This second meeting in fact did not give any hope for the future, but I hope that behind this there was a deeper thought and which in the future will give it more power.”

Sahatqija in Info Magazine called Vuiqiiq’s reaction after the meeting as acting, while he says that he does this constantly.

“Vucic is a wonderful artist in how he presents himself to the EU and the international community. He appears as a person who worries about Serbia and Kosovo Serbs and will show that he is scared, that he worries about Serbia and Kosovo Serbs. In fact it has nothing to do with it. While serving in New York I saw his extremely strong coordination with (Ivica) Dacic. “While Vucic is presented as highly cooperative with the international community, at the same time Dacic communicates with Russia in a very coordinated way to show the EU that it has other partners.”

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