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Hyseni: Kurti is not the first to enumerate crimes against Serbia, I did it in 2010 – Latest News

Hyseni: Kurti is not the first to count crimes against Serbia, I did it in 2010

Former National Coordinator for Dialogue, Skender Hyseni, said in the show Pressing that the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti is not the first to count Serbia’s crimes against Albanians from 1878 until the 1999 war.

Hyseni first said that the dialogue that is being held in Brussels is a theater and there is no result if it continues like this.

“I saw an exaltation which I did not understand. An exaltation of the mass that is doing honor to the Serbian side without knowing it. We know Vucic is an actor. Vucic’s acting is also having an effect in Kosovo. Both Vucic and Mr. Box are in Brussels going to please their voters. They are not going to have a dialogue and they are not going to seek solutions. Paradoxically they share the same desire for this dialogue. This is not dialogue but it is a theater. It is being made exclusively for domestic consumption. “Both Kurti and Vucic are campaigning in Brussels,” he said.

Hyseni further said that Kurti is not the first to mention crimes to Serbia in the dialogue. He says he mentioned Toplica in front of 15 members of the UN Security Council.

“I also saw an incomprehensible exaltation where this country almost waited for Kurti to say that Toplica happened in 1878, Cubrilovic happened three times, agrarian reform and pure ethnic cleansing. These have been said several times in dialogue. Now off the record I do not want to be modest. In 2010, I told the Security Council in front of 15 members. I had the fiercest clash with Dacic for Toplica and ethnic cleansing. He demanded the return of Serbs who had left Kosovo. Of course there I asked to be allowed to give a one-hour lecture and I started in 1878. I said that we would fill Toplica with Albanians. Even on the map, strangely, that region has similarities with Kosovo. But Kurti is managing to use these very well to please his army here. “I can say that he is a very good cheater,” he added. / Express

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