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Sahatqija: Corruption must be fought internally, not given material to Serbia and Russia – Latest News

Sahatqija: Corruption must be fought internally, not given material to Serbia and Russia

The former consul in New York of Kosovo, Teuta Sahatqija, said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla, should not have spoken about crime and corruption in Kosovo before the members of the Security Council.

She said that this topic, which should be internal for Kosovo, could serve as good material for Serbia and Russia in their attempt to present Kosovo as a failed country.

“This topic must be strongly fought, but it must be fought inside. “It is an internal topic and I do not think it is good to give material to Serbia and Russia to use the name of the Foreign Minister and strengthen the attack against Kosovo.”

“We are talking about the Security Council where 8 out of 15 members are non-recognizing states and states that are opposing Kosovo. The focus should not be on the words in the sentence or the analysis of the details of the speech, but we should concentrate so that these sessions no longer exist. “So that they are closed so as not to give the opportunity to both Serbia and Russia to misuse that platform, much less referring to the words of our senior officials.”

Sahatqija in the Special Edition of Klan Kosova said that Gërvalla did well to mention the crimes to Serbia and to keep the flag in the background, but that the focus should be focused on the long-term vision and not on the details.

She said that in the Security Council there is an ongoing war between Kosovo and Serbia and states that are divided on two sides.

“There are two camps; Recognizing and friendly countries of Kosovo such as the US and European countries that unreservedly support Kosovo and emphasize its benefits and it is the camp of non-recognizing states led by Russia that try to present Kosovo as a country of crisis where there is no no progress and as a country that is the bedrock of Islamists. The Russian ambassador said that the Islamists of Kosovo have affected the damage caused to Austria. It is these countries that do not accept Kosovo at all and are very strong to show that the dialogue on the status of Kosovo must continue.

Sahatqija said that he did not see a winner in today’s meeting.

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