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Reacts the mysterious boy who was seen kissing Tean, shows how the truth stands

During these days on social networks and media quickly circulated a video, in which Tea appeared exchanging kisses on the corner of the lip with a guy.

The latter she initially introduced as her friend, but then this kiss surprised everyone and makes fans suspect that they had both started a relationship.

Moreover the suspicions increased after Tea decided to delete this video from her account.

But yesterday, Tea put an end to allusions by showing how the truth of this relationship stands.

The former competitor of “Për’puthen” has shown that the boy in question is just a good friend and that she will not talk at all about her relationships from now on.

Recently, the character who became quite viral from this video, has decided to clarify to the public as he appeared in a live video via Tea’s Instagram.

“We’re just friends with Tean.

“I love her and she loves me and she now loves her phone,” he said, explaining the rumors that there is only a social relationship between them.

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