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Salih Zyba responds to Haradinaj after calling him “vote realtor” – Latest News

Salih Zyba responds to Haradinaj after calling him

Vetëvendosje Movement MP, Sali Zyba, responded after the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj, described him as a realtor, saying that he secured the votes for the election of Vjosa Osmani as president.

Zyba has said that he does not want to comment on these statements of Haradinaj, which he does not call serious and says that, as a cause, he will not even sue. He said these in the show ‘Special Edition’ in Klan Kosova.

“Let him remain in other responsibilities, the statement is public and media, therefore Mr. Haradinaj should have an address for these things. I have not had the opportunity to make aces of conversations, I would have been happy if I had contributed, but I did not have it as a commitment. “I was not a cause or pretext for her (Reshitaj) to distance herself”, he declared.

He has said he is ready to face the law if evidence emerges to secure a presidential vote.

On the other hand, the head of AAK has considered that he possesses information that Zyba has provided the necessary votes to make the president VV.

“We have information about the offers made to all the deputies. Salih Zyba was the realtor for votes. There may have been others. “Seeing all this, that for many years have given us hope that these practices will stop,” he declared in Rubicon.

AAK MP, Albena Reshitaj came out against the decision of her party, and participated in the session where she was voted for the president of the country.

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