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Sara provokes! She poses from behind and shows her lines

Sara Hoxha is one of the most commented girls in the Albanian show business, due to the connection she already has with the famous rapper Ledri Vula.

Each of her posts return to the topic of the day being commented so much by everyone.
For several months now, Sara and Ledri have become the first parents of a girl who has decided to call her Poem.

Sara has been very close to her fans even after the birth of the girl thus showing every detail from her private life.

Meanwhile, in many videos she has posted on Instagram, she has shown that wherever her daughter goes, she is there with him, as in beauty salons, as in any other treatment they do from time to time, Sara never leaves her daughter alone.

Recently Sara has also started posting more photos, since after the birth of the girl where she has shown that day by day she is returning to her ideal weight.

Sara posted two photos on her Instagram account where she got the most attention, she posed and showed off her shapes in the best way, with a pair of jeans and a pair of white bras we can say that Sara is looking simple and beautiful. / Kosovarja /

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