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Scandal: Fist explodes after the show in Match

Two new competitors entered Perputhen yesterday.

The first was 29-year-old Dorian from Lushnja.

He complimented the girls except Lediana and Antonela who he said looked like the bride to the mother-in-law.

After that Antonela asked him about his age because he looked small because he still did not have hair on his face.

Dori said she could not imagine having a beard on her face in the 21st century.

This phrase irritated the guys who immediately turned against and started the debate, especially Eri who expressed his indignation.

But the debate did not last long, immediately after the show it continued hotter and Bora showed today that he had debated Eri with Dorin for this reason Eri was suspended from the show.

Sources for Kryefjala.com have shown that for the wool conversation Dori was the one who punched Erin as soon as the show ended and then Eri returned it in the same currency.

This hassle was all filmed by the production but it is not known if it will be broadcast on Prime or not.

Even so far, the police have not reacted to this issue.

So for a wool chat all wool was made… / keyword

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