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SERB FALLS IN SPAIN BECAUSE OF DRUGS Makes marijuana plantation in seemingly deserted villa, police reveal SECRET PASSAGES

Photo: flash

– The police determined through operative work that this is a villa that is completely isolated from other houses, in which it seemed as if no one lived, nor were any activities noticed. It was interesting to them that two Rottweilers were guarding such a lonely, seemingly abandoned house. When the police decided to enter the house last Friday, after receiving a court search warrant, the dogs, which otherwise belong to the category of dangerous, attacked them, so the agency that deals with animal protection had to react – local media state.

The police were greeted by the strong smell of marijuana in the villa itself, and from the ground floor of the house they could not be entered either in the basement or on the first floor. After the search, secret passages were discovered, and the plantation was reached – through a closet!

1,050 marijuana plants in different stages of growth were found in the villa, as well as a room for drying plants with 355 grams of cannabis buds, while in the basement there was a larger plantation with 1,150 plants that were in optimal condition for harvesting.

A Serb suspected of committing a serious act against public health safety and electricity theft is in custody.

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