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Serbia – Dialog held by Franck Riester (1 Feb. 2021)

Franck Riester, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, who is affiliated with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, spoke to Sinisa Mali, Minister of Finance, Tomislav Momirovic, Minister for Transport, Construction and Infrastructure, and Goran Vesic, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade.

The ministerial delegate discussed with his interlocutors the participation of France in the construction of the Belgrade metro system, a groundbreaking project that reflects the vitality of economic relations between France and Serbia and the modernization of the Serbian electricity network by Schneider Electric. He welcomed the fact that Serbia had selected French companies to complete the high-tech component of the Belgrade metro system, which will contribute to the modernization of the capital’s urban transport system and the development of Serbia. During his visit to the Serbian capital on November 26th, Franck Riester and Sinisa Mali signed an intergovernmental agreement on behalf of both governments that will help implement high-priority projects in Serbia.

Trade between France and Serbia reached a record level in 2019 with a volume of more than EUR 1 billion, while French investments were particularly robust. This made France the seventh largest foreign investor in Serbia in terms of investment flows.

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