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Serbian lawyer says Kosovo lacks legal basis to file genocide lawsuit against Serbia – Latest News

The Serbian lawyer says that Kosovo lacks a legal basis to file genocide charges against Serbia

Serbian lawyer Aleksandar Olenik commented on the statement of his colleague from Kosovo, Tome Gashi, that “Albania can file a genocide lawsuit against Serbia on behalf of Kosovo.” He said that Albania can do this, but ironically that there is no basis to argue.

“Kosovo has no legal basis to file genocide charges against Serbia or any other lawsuit, because it is not a member of the UN. “On the other hand, Albania has grounds to file lawsuits against Serbia, like Papua New Guinea or Australia, and the fact that the same language is spoken in Kosovo and Albania has nothing to do with this,” Olenik told Kosovo Online. transmits Gazeta Express.

He also stressed that “basically whether Serbia had a plan to expel all Albanians from Kosovo is another question, but he is confident that this case can not be opened before an international court.

“Citizens of Kosovo can not even turn to the European Court of Human Rights when it comes to court cases against anyone. I have to admit that I think it would be good if there was an opportunity for Serbia to present its arguments, Kosovo for itself and for someone else, impartially, to give its assessment on this issue, but I do not believe it is possible at the moment “, said Olenik.

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