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Shala: There are 200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Prishtina schools

The director of the Municipal Directorate of Education in Prishtina, Shpresa Shala, spoke about the pandemic situation that students and teachers are facing in the capital.

Shala told Info Magazine that 20 to 25 new cases of COVID-19 occur every day in Prishtina schools.

“It is true that in recent days we have had an increase in cases. That is, within a day we happen to have 20 to 25 new cases that receive results from the National Institute of Public Health.

She stressed that currently two schools are attending classes online.

“At the moment we have two schools with scenario C of teaching. It is about the school “Meto Bajraktari”, which from the first grade to the ninth grade, are complete with scenario C of online learning, while the school “Iliria” is from the first grade to the fifth grade.

The head of education in the capital said that the number of confirmed cases so far in Pristina is 200.

“This does not exclude other schools either, because there are classes that have passed in scenario C of teaching. If a student comes out positive then completely that group of class goes to online learning. “Work and regular attendance have become more difficult.”

“To date, it is about 200 cases. This includes students, teachers and school principals we have reported from the NIPHK. But, there are also many cases that are not reported. “Students are absent from school but are not tested.”

Shpresa Shala stated that online learning in terms of losing education will be a great loss, as according to her it is not the same as teaching held in schools.

“While the National Institute of Public Health has records for all of Kosovo as well as Pristina, we are unprofessional to oppose their recommendations. But in terms of losing the lesson it will be a great loss. Because it is not the same as online learning, as teaching in school. “But once we prioritize the health of students and employees in education.”

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