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SHE HAD TO PURCHASE THE GRADE FROM ENGLISH, WHEN SHE FAILED – DISAPPEARED! Katarina was discovered by the police in Mikronaselje

The girl’s father, Zoran B., was upset when his daughter did not answer the phone, which is why she reported her disappearance to the police. As the Informer finds out, the police quickly located the phone of the girl, who turned out not to have been abducted, nor did anything bad happen to her. In the middle, there was a problem with the grade, which, according to the student’s father, she failed to correct today.

The daughter was supposed to correct her grade in English today, but that didn’t happen. Around 10.30 am is the time when he was supposed to leave the school building. Since she did not answer my phone calls, I reported her missingsaid the upset father.

I went to the school where I was told that my daughter was answering and left the school building among the last students. After that, she was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, she was found after more than five hours. We were all very upset by this, understand me– said the girl’s father Zoran B.

Katarina’s disappearance was announced on social networks today, and as we unofficially find out, the police found the girl in Mikronaselj in Kikinda, where she was walking with her boyfriend.

Namely, due to an unsuccessful attempt to correct the grade, she did not know how to tell the news to her parents, which was the reason for ignoring their phone calls.

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