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‘She was left wailing in the desert’, Elvana replies to the commenter

Elvana Gjata is invited this Saturday in “Soiree” with Jonida Shehu to talk about her latest album “Çelu”, which has been very successful.

During the show, Elvana was also confronted with some spicy comments that fans have made on social media.

“And this was left wailing in the desert”, was one of the comments that Elvana read.

“Everyone with their dramas, please.

Everyone has their dramas.

However, it is important to know how to pass them.

To find the strength within yourself and to pass them “, Elvana answered.

One of the questions most often asked by fans on social networks is the meaning of the word “kunadhe”, which is the title of one of the most successful songs of “Çelu”.

“Everyone asks me this question.

Kunadhaja is an animal, between cat and fox.

It is a very cunning animal, very agile, very smart and that always succeeds.

Definitely very playful “, said Elvana.

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