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Shoots with firearms at family parties, endangers wedding guests – Latest News

Shoots with firearms at family parties, endangers wedding guests

Today, in the village of Gjonaj in Prizren, there was a shooting at a family party.

According to police, four nails were found at the scene, reports Zeri.info.

“The police in Prizren receive information that in the village of Gjonaj, gunshots are heard. Police units responded immediately and realized that at a family party organized, there were gunshots. The police patrol teams were also assisted by the forensic units and initially 4 cartridges fired from a firearm were found. “, It is said in the notification of the KP.

Police say a suspect was taken into custody.

“In this case, the police initially identified as suspicious BM born in 1982, who was detained for 48 hours. During the interview in the presence of the defense lawyer, the suspect admitted that he had fired an Arex pistol, model ReXzero1CP. In this case the pistol used was seized. The case is being investigated “, it is said in the announcement of the Police.

Despite the calls and the project “Celebrate with your heart and not with weapons”, suspects use firearms, endangering the lives of participants in family parties and citizens around, where they live. The police will react strongly in all cases presented, therefore congratulates the citizens who report such cases “, concludes the KP. / Voice

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