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APRICOT HARVEST COMPLETED IN RECORD TIME! Frost decimated this yr’s yield, there was nothing to reap someplace / VIDEO /

At the plantation near Sladjan Djordjevic in Gornja Trnava, the spring frost harvested more than half of this year’s crop, so that instead of the expected five tons this summer, about 1,200 kilograms went from the orchard for purchase.


“So far, it is seven years old, the varieties Roxana and Kecskemét rose, did well this spring, however, the frost destroyed us, so we have about 1,200 kilograms of apricots left, which is some 25 percent of the total yield. The price was not bad, it cost around 100 dinars per kilogram, but what is it worth when we have nothing to collect “, says Sladjan Djordjevic for TopPress.

High temperatures in the previous period affected the quality of apricots, but the first class must meet customer criteria.


“The first class should be more colored, but considering the high temperatures, it did not get the necessary color, but quickly got a yellow color and began to soften. Everyone is looking for it to be an ideal fruit, but since there is little of it, they are not very strict on the purchase, it can pass even with some minor damage “, explains this fruit grower.

More than 130 farmers signed contracts in the first round for subsidies

More than 130 farmers signed contracts in the first round for subsidies

The third ethno fair “Domaće – prirodno” was held in Karađorđev konak.

In Karađorđev konak, local pies and gibanice were smelled, the third ethno fair Domaće - prirodno was held.

According to the fruit growers, from year to year, the situation regarding apricots is getting more and more difficult. Although the price is solid and they would make a solid income from apricots, the frost harvests most of the fruit in the spring, which is why apricots were not even edible in some localities this year.

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