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Slovenia overtook Croatia, Dončić virtually triple-double, Dragić stated goodbye with a victory

Rhapsody of Slovenian basketball players in the derby of Group C of European qualifications for the World Cup, against Croatia.

From the first to the last minute of the match, Slovenia was a better class for several classes, which in the end could be concluded through the result.

Luka Dončić played a masterful game, scoring 21 points, with 10 rebounds and eight assists.

He had help from Goran Dragić, who said goodbye to playing for the national team with the victory in Ljubljana.

Dragic scored 19 points, and Toby had 16.

In the ranks of Croatia, Hezonja stood out with 22, Zubac with 14 and Bogdanović with 13 points.

After five games played, Slovenia has a score of three wins and two defeats and is second in the Group C table, while Croatia is last with one win and four defeats.

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