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Stela and Çimi are separated, the former competitor of Perputhen makes the unexpected statement

Stela and Çimi of “Përputhen +40” has ended their love story, the news of the separation was given by Stela himself through several posts on social networks where he writes that he found out about the separation when Çimi removed it from his Instagram photos that have come out together.

“After months of Çimi’s insistence, I declared because I thought he was sincere in his feelings, suddenly without any reason and after no communication, we are no longer together and I learned this by removing the photos on his Instagram, this was Çimi “, Stela writes in her post.

She posts a video from the studio when they were in “Për’puthen” and writes: “Whoever sees Çimi on the street, please can ask him” this morning, the former contestant responded to all the followers, who had asked why he did not delete the photos with Çimi from social networks.

“Good morning! Many people write to me why I do not remove the photos with Çimi from Instagram… I am not a child like some others, they are beautiful memories for as long as it lasted të Good day and thank you for your support “, writes Stela.

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