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Storm in Lipjan destroys the roofs of two apartments and damages several cars – Latest News

The storm in Lipjan destroys the roofs of two apartments and damages several cars

Today’s storm in Lipjan affected the city and several surrounding villages. This was stated by the director of public services in this municipality, Rasim Hasani, who said that based on the information they have received so far, damage has been reported on the roofs of two multi-apartment buildings and some damage to cars.

“We have no injuries or other damage. Part of the city is cleared. “Maintenance companies contracted by the municipality are on the ground and no signs of the storm can be seen anymore, except for some trees that are still left in the suburbs.”

He also pointed out that they have great damage to the electricity network.

At the moment, part of the city and the surrounding villages do not have electricity, while the rest are supplied. I call on KEDS to repair the defects and return to normalcy, since their teams are on the ground “.

“Based on some information from some people, they say that it is one of the strongest storms that Lipjan has experienced.”

“We have invited all the contracted companies and they have gone out on the field, they are cleaning the wells so that there is no trouble with water, removing broken branches of trees, so this problem has been solved very quickly.”

Hasani informed that from tomorrow the municipality will create an ad hoc team that will deal with damage assessment and depends on the possibilities and the assessment report of that commission on how much will be the damage to infrastructure and households from this storm that has hit Lipjanin./klankosova

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