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Suspected for the murder of her sister in Fushë-Kosovë: It was like a snake, she told me I would kill her – Latest News

Suspect for killing his sister in Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje: It was like a snake, he told me I would kill him

Two weeks ago, FS, is suspected of depriving her sister TS of her life, in their house in Vragoli, Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje. The Basic Court of Prishtina has assigned a month detention to the suspect FS, while she is suspected of having mental problems. For this, the prosecution had also proposed a psychiatric examination.

FS, is suspected of committing the criminal offense “Aggravated Murder”, while the court had announced that she is suspected of first beating her sister, then strangled the victim with her hands and a handkerchief which he tied around her throat.

The Express newspaper has provided the statement of FS, given in the session held for the imposition of the detention measure, through which the motive is revealed, which is suspected to have pushed him towards the murder.

The suspect FS, stated that her sister, already deceased, has incited problems within the family, as she claims that she physically attacked her mother.

She described her sister as a “snake”, adding that she constantly threatened the suspect with the words “I will kill her”.

The suspect declares that she is innocent and her wish was not to cause problems to the family.

“I am completely innocent because all the problems were caused by my sister TS. Every time he provoked the family, my mother, every time he beat my mother, I can say that he is like a snake and who told me that no one knows me. After I changed my tactics and he always addressed me with the words “I have to kill him”, he told me that he hates his family, he hates my brother and I hate everyone. She also does bad things and never regrets her actions, she has hurt me many times and she is the only one who has caused problems, while this has not been confirmed by the family and I am only beaten for these problems. “I have always wanted to live on my own, but they never let me go, because my wish was to get married and not cause problems for the family because they are just fighting with each other”, stated FS

What did the Court say in the detention order against her?

Defendant FS is suspected that on 09.05.2021, around 11:30 in the family house in Fushë Kosovë, in the bedroom bed, in order to deprive her of life, she had physically attacked her sister, now the deceased TS for which it is suspected that he strangled him with his hands and with a handkerchief which he had tied around his throat and the deceased as a result of this condition had passed away ”.

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