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They used to be in a relationship, but he still maintains contacts Ledri and Dua?

Dua Lipa and Ledri Vula many years ago were in a relationship, which was rumored to have ended as a result of the rapper’s engagements with concerts in various countries, while Dua lived in London.

The couple continues to maintain contact even though Ledri has already become a father and Dua is in a serious relationship.

This was announced by the rapper himself, who was recently invited to “Robi grows old when he loves himself” by Robert Berisha.

“Dua is very careful, she writes to me, she wrote to me for condolences, for the song” Small “etc”, said Ledri, who added that there is nothing to talk about her successes as they are already known and are consecutive also at international prices.

Also, the artist said that he is looking forward to the opening after the pandemic and I want to come back to Pristina with “Sunny Hill”.

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