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Sveçla says he has proposed voting on the decision to shelter Afghans in Kosovo – Latest News

Sveçla says he has proposed voting on the decision to house Afghans in Kosovo

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, said that he proposed the voting of the decision on the need to provide temporary and immediate protection of Kosovo, for the Afghan citizens who have been collaborators of the American government.

Sveçla, through a Facebook post, said that this decision was launched to provide assistance to people at risk and their basic rights have been violated due to the war and conflict in Afghanistan.

“The images we are seeing today, not so long ago were the images we lived ourselves and the protection we proposed to offer today, was presented and implemented as a concept precisely for the exodus of Kosovar refugees in the 90’s to come out in aid of Kosovo, which today has the will to return this good. This decision paves the way for this category for a country where they will stay temporarily, safe, enjoy all the fundamental rights under our legislation as well as institutional support until a long-term solution is established in the United States of America.

“This effort to save lives is a moral obligation of our country, and a human principle which is being given an institutional character and is an uninterrupted cooperation with the American state, as an ally in this process and in all important processes developed in “Kosovo”, he said. / klankosova

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