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TAK points Regulation on Battle of Curiosity Prevention for its employees

Given the nature of the work and assessing the risks of damaging the integrity of TAK, through conflict of interest, the Tax Administration of Kosovo in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Agency – ACA has drafted and approved the Internal Regulation for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest.

As announced by TAK, this regulation sets restrictions on work outside the TAK institution (and criteria for employment outside the institution). The regulation also restricts contractual relations, protects confidential information and at the same time increases the level of accountability for the declaration and management of conflict of interest, as well as other points.

TAK thanks the citizens for the partnership shown so far for reporting tax irregularities by its officials, at the same time calling on citizens and other institutions to report any doubts regarding the violation of these rules through the toll-free line 0800 -80-800.

Recall that last year TAK in cooperation with the USAID Economic Governance Program in Kosovo drafted the TAK Integrity Improvement Plan which focuses on increasing transparency, increasing accountability, increasing performance, and reducing Discrimination of officials for abuse of office, automating work processes and establishing strict rules for maintaining the integrity of TAK.

Published link of the regulation: https: //www.atk-ks.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/RregoreEbrendshme.pdf

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