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Striker struck to death in a supermarket in New Zealand – Latest News

The attacker is hit to death in a supermarket in New ZealandPhoto: AP

September 03, 2021 – 16:46

An Islamic State-inspired immigrant stabbed six people in a New Zealand supermarket on Friday before being chased to death by police, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Ms Ardern said the perpetrator of the attack, a Sri Lankan national who immigrated to New Zealand in 2011 and was on the terrorism watch list, entered a mall in Auckland, took a knife from the shop and started attacked people.

She said six people were injured, three of them in critical condition, before police who were monitoring her opened fire within 60 seconds of the start of the attack.

“What happened today was disgusting, a hateful event and wrong action,” the prime minister said, adding that the event did not represent any faith or community.

Asked about the attacker’s motives, she said: “It is a violent ideology and inspired by ISIS.”

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said authorities were confident the attacker was acting alone and posed no further danger to the community.

The deadliest terrorist attack in New Zealand took place in March 2019 in a mosque in Christchurch, when a gunman, a white supremacist, killed 51 Muslim believers and seriously injured 40 others./VOA

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