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The Brazilian received five doses of the vaccine, he was caught in the sixth attempt – Latest News

The Brazilian received five doses of the vaccine, he was caught on the sixth attempt

August 28, 2021 – 22:53

Rio de Janeiro authorities are currently investigating how a resident managed to get at least five doses of three different coronavirus vaccines.

According to reports, the anonymous man is feeling well after receiving five vaccines while being caught trying to take the sixth dose.

According to official records, an unidentified man started receiving COVID-19 vaccines in May, then continued in June and July, until staff at the vaccination station, when the man tried to take the sixth dose, discovered what was being done. word.
Reports received by Brazilian media show that the man first received the Pfizer vaccine on May 12, then Astrazeneca on June 5. The next row was Sinovac’s dose on June 17, after which the Brazilian went for the second dose of Pfizer on July 9 and finished the “marathon” on July 21, also with Sinovac.

Authorities initially believed there were deficiencies in the electronic records, however, an investigation by the Rio Municipality Department of Health showed that no errors had occurred.

“The case is being investigated in order to determine whether there was an error during registration in the system or any other irregularity,” said the report of the Department of Municipal Health. / Telegraphy /

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