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The candidate for mayor of Prishtina from PDK belongs to this journalist

Uran Ismaili hits the journalist Milot Hasimja, in “Muharrem Fejza”

The candidate for Mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili, has continued his special campaign, sleeping in different neighborhoods of the capital.

This time, after Tophane, Ismaili was a guest of the well-known journalist and one of the most active figures for the challenges of “Muharrem Fejza”, Milot Hasimja.

Together with Milot, Ismaili has completely visited this neighborhood, seeing closely what it is like to live there.

At the end of this visit, Ismaili with Milot and other citizens have arranged the sports field of the school “Independence”, turning it into an arena that unites the community around various activities.

You can find the video here.

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