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The CEC indicates when the conditional and postal votes will be counted – Latest News

The CEC indicates when conditional and postal ballots will be counted

The Counting and Results Center has been working since Sunday to announce the final result of the early elections.

Burim Ahmetaj, Chief Executive Officer of the CEC Secretariat, said that all sensitive material is already within the CRC.

“After the process of counting the ballots at the polling station, all the material is packed and sent to the CRC. The receipt of the material from all municipalities took place on February 15, in the early morning hours and continued until midnight.

Ahmetaj in the Special Edition in Klan Kosova, said that it is expected that within a few days to start the counting of conditional votes, persons with special needs and votes that have arrived by mail.

“We have many other processes to complete. “It is about scanning the final list of voters, which is the first process that takes place.”

“Then, the registration of all conditional votes will begin and all the data of the voters who voted on election day will be checked in order to start the counting of postal and conditional votes.”

“Despite the fact that CRC is working in three shifts, until the certification of results, we have many processes ahead that we can not say how many days it is, but we will work intensively to complete all these processes.”

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