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The CIA deliberate to kidnap Assange, and homicide was thought of

Former US officials said in a survey by Yahoo News that the CIA was considering the assassination of Julian Assange, but that among the “highest circles” in the Donald Trump administration, there were concerns about the legality of such an act.

The CIA was so enraged by WikiLeaks announcements that senior officials were looking for “plans” or “options” on how to kill Assange, according to the research.

A former senior counterintelligence official said that “there seemed to be no borders” during talks with the Trump administration in 2017.

Yahoo News’s research includes conversations with more than thirty former US officials – eight of whom described the details of the CIA’s proposals to kidnap Assange.

Assange lost the battle in the high court in Great Britain last month to prevent the U.S. government from extending the grounds for its appeal to the court’s earlier refusal to allow his extradition to that country.

He has been in prison since April 2019. Prior to that, he spent seven years at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The prosecutor’s office in the USA accused Assange, on 17 counts of the indictment, of spying and hacking state computers, and then published military and diplomatic documents on Wikileaks. The charges carry a potential sentence of 175 years in prison.

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