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THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WATER FACTORY IN KIKINDA HAS BEGUN! And that occurred, the biggest capital venture within the north of Banat was revived / PHOTO /

Contractors for the design and construction of the water factory in Kikinda have already been introduced to the job, and the director PE for communal infrastructure and services “Kikinda”, Nino Žuvela, says that he guarantees that the deadline of 828 days or two years and three months will be met.

– The works on the construction of the water factory have already started, the machines have been engaged in clearing the terrain. Geomechanical tests and a study on the condition of the land are currently being carried out. We expect that at the end of November, when the deadline of 150 days for obtaining a construction permit expires, we will introduce contractors to the works – says Žuvela.


The total project for the water factory in Kikinda will cost 11.4 million euros and is the largest project in the past few decades.

– The first phase costs 9.6 million euros. Of that, the German development bank KFW finances 6 million -30 percent as a donation and 70 percent as a loan amounting to 4 million euros and signed for repayment for 10 years, with an interest rate of about 1 percent per year. The grace period is until 2022, which means that the City will start repaying the loan installment next year.

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They are the best ambassadors of Kikinda, and Milos will study at two faculties

They are the best ambassadors of Kikinda, and Milos will study at two faculties


The remaining 3.5m euros were provided by the Serbian government, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. The counter-guarantee of the member of the international consortium was given by “Uniha wasser technologie GMBH”, an internationally recognized company, which amounts to half a million euros, which additionally ensures the quality of the technology for water purification – explains the director of PE “Kikinda”.

The second phase of works amounts to over 500 thousand euros and will include the reconstruction of the administrative building, access roads and additional infrastructure. The third phase presents works on the sludge lagoon and installation of diesel generators. The funds have not been provided yet, but there are plans to work on providing over one million and 500 thousand euros next year, when the realization of the works should start.


The water factory will be located at the Šumica water intake, on the left side, after the roundabout and the entrance to Kikinda. It will be 120 to 150 meters long. It will have large pools, with a capacity of 3,500 tons, and during the summer months, the citizens of Kikinda will no longer have problems with pressure reduction or water loss.

The need for workers in a modern factory

The personnel model for the construction of the water factory in Kikinda already exists and implies the need for work of about 20 workers.

– About 6 percent will be staff for maintenance in the water factory and, of course, highly qualified staff. Engineers of all profiles will be needed. Water technologists, mining, electrical and mechanical engineers. They will all be part of the water factory team. With its construction, Kikinda will get one of the most modern in Europe, because it includes a part of the technology called reverse osmosis, which will reduce boron and sodium from water to an acceptable level in accordance with the regulations on hygienic safety of water – said Žuvela.


Network reconstruction

The precondition for the construction of the water factory is the reconstruction of the water supply network in Kikinda, which includes works on about 15 kilometers of the section, out of a total of 300 kilometers.

– A lot has already been done. In the next two years, while the works on the water factory are going on, we will try to reconstruct the water supply networks as much as we can. About 150 million dinars would be the value of all works, in addition to the fact that we have to set aside about 25 million dinars for the reconstruction of the main pipeline FI 500, which is located next to the future water factory. The total value of the reconstruction of the wells, their connection and equipment will cost around 30 million dinars – stated Žuvela.

He greeted the wrinkles to clear water

The director of the PE “Kikinda”, Nino Žuvela, who is 40 years old, jokingly states that he has been listening to stories about the water factory since birth.

– Here, I also welcomed the struggle when the construction of the largest capital project began. After so much time, it is a really nice feeling, I hope for all the citizens of Kikinda. It took a lot of effort and work, and I was involved in the whole process a year ago when I became the head of a public company.


My predecessors did a lot, and the pilot project was done eight years ago. We had countless meetings with people from the Austrian consulting company “Setec” who mediated in the negotiations between the German development bank KFW and the City of Kikinda. It was hard, but it was worth Zuvel’s allegations.

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