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THE DIOCESE OF BACKA WARNS: The Serbian Orthodox Church has nothing to do with the “procession” in Novi Unhappy!

– Our believers can satisfy all spiritual needs in their temples where all holy worship services are regularly served. In our holy Church, during Lent, there is no place for liturgies as a kind of solemn procession.

Lithium through the streets Novi Sad, which will be led by the bishop and the clergy, will be traditionally organized on Lazarus’ Saturday, that is, on Vrbica, on April 24 – the Diocese of Bačka stated.

By the way, the so-called procession was organized by several organizations on March 7, and about 200 people participated, who gathered after the invitation via social networks.

They walked the streets of Novi Sad from the church in Novi Naselje to the center of Novi Sad. That rally passed without incident.

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