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The “hot” week of politics in Albania, the Assembly decides the fate of the president – Latest News

The Photo: Laura Hasani

The month of June has not only increased the air temperature, this week is expected to be quite hot for Albanian politics as well.

On Wednesday, June 9, a session was announced where the report of the Commission of Inquiry for the dismissal of the President of the Republic will be reviewed, arguing that it has seriously violated the Constitution. To remove the Head of State from office, the parliament must vote with 94 votes in favor, but the final decision is given by the Constitutional Court, which will seal the dismissal or not of the president.

The socialist majority as the initiator of this initiative has preferred to remain silent. Beyond the arguments at the hearing the silent wait seems to last beyond June 9th.

“I will not make any comment on this issue until the moment when the Constitutional Court will rule because it is an independent institution,” said Taulant Balla earlier.

The president has appeared uneasy about the initiative for his dismissal. After ignoring the Commission of Inquiry, calling it illegal, Ilir Meta seems convinced that he will stay in the office of the president until July 22 next year, when his constitutional mandate at the head of the state ends.

“The topic of dismissal is nil even more so after April 25 and where it was clearly shown that the assembly of the last 2 years was an assembly without opposition and today is unfortunately 3 times more unconstitutional”, would have been expressed a few days ago presidents.

Three days after the session for the dismissal of Ilir Meta, on June 12, the Socialist Party, on its 30th anniversary, convenes the Congress where an analysis of the April 25 elections will be made. The meeting that was chaired by the Assembly, while changes are expected in the local structures, still has no signal when the Presidency of the force that was confirmed in power for a third term will be renewed.

On the other hand, in the Blue Headquarters, the analysis of the loss of April 25 was left after the elections for the mayor. On June 13, the membership goes to the ballot box to choose between four candidates for mayor, in a ballot paper where the lottery lists Fatbardh Kadilli, Edit Harxhi, Agron Shehaj and incumbent mayor Lulzim Basha.

The first three have as a common point of their platforms the sanctioning in the statute of resignation of the president who loses the elections, while Basha is focused on arguing that in the elections the Democrats were confirmed more united, but the loss happened because of what he calls electoral massacre./A2

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