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The Municipality of Prishtina allocates 70 thousand euros for the supply of libraries with new books

The Municipality of Prishtina has allocated 70 thousand euros for the supply of libraries with books for this year.

The Director of Culture in the Municipality of Prishtina, Adrian Berisha said in the show “038” that the library “Hivzi Sylejmani” will be supplied with books and that for this supply a public call is expected for the citizens in order to receive suggestions from them that for what books the library needs.

We will supply books, this year we have allocated a sum of 70 thousand euros, we will supply books to the library “Hivzi Sylejmani”, where this time we will be even more transparent and we will make a public call for citizens to “They suggest us what books to buy for this library, so that citizens, students, children can find them in this library,” said Berisha.

He also said that some contracts have been signed that are expected to be implemented during this year such as: multifunctional center with a focus on the Library in Kodra e Trimave, construction of InfoPoint at Zahir Pajaziti Square where the Ministry of Economic Development is located, contracts for art in public space and renovation of spaces of subordinate institutions.

Meanwhile, regarding the cultural activities for June 1, the International Children’s Day, Berisha said that although they have several projects, it is still unknown what will happen until then due to the situation with the pandemic.

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