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The Municipality of Prishtina bought tests for Covid19, that is how much the tender cost them

The Municipality of Prishtina days ago managed to finalize another tender with a contract.

This time, the municipality led by Shpend Ahmeti was supplied with serological tests for SARS-Covid19.

According to the tender published by the procurement, the total value of the contract was 165 thousand euros.

The tender in question was awarded to the economic operator “Uni-Care” LLC

The total value of the contract is 59 thousand and 500 euros.

Further, it is reported that the responsive tender with the highest price was the one who was crowned.

It is worth mentioning the fact that during the last 24 hours, 292 new cases of Covid19 have been registered in the country, 3 deaths and 556 cured.

Meanwhile, in Prishtina alone, 100 new cases of coronavirus have been registered.

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