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The Municipality of Prishtina has signed an agreement for research and artistic intervention in the building of “Youth Cinema”

The Municipality of Prishtina has signed today a cooperation agreement with the Swiss Cooperation Office (SDC) and the Seventeenth Foundation, which supports the research of the meeting and the document of collective memory for the object of “Cinema Youth”, as well as supports the artistic intervention location specific.

For more than half a century, “Kino Rinia” has been a meeting place for film lovers. Today we have the pleasure to announce that through the signed agreement we are creating opportunities for abandoned facilities, such as Kino Rinia, not to be forgotten. With this agreement we aim to use art and culture as a tool which will serve for the revival of the community. As a prerequisite for a lasting change that can affect systems related to community development and democratic development, and supporting artists at all levels of their creative journeys.

Also expand community participation in public life by expanding opportunities for visual and performing artists, using non-traditional and unexpected spaces and art and culture as the main tool to raise the voice of the importance of using public space.

Through this agreement, among other things, art and culture are placed in dialogue on the importance of using public space. Turning attention to abandoned buildings and revitalizing them through location-specific artistic interventions, even temporarily, and researching the collective memory of a little-talked-about past, as well as addressing the use of public space for the benefit of the community .

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