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Every mother-in-law’s dream! “Çenari” is surprised by the action against Almeda’s mother

2 days ago, Almeda Abazi married her sister, Ilda.

She and her Turkish partner, Kenan Sipahi, said “Yes” to each other at a grand ceremony held in Istanbul.

It was Almeda herself who showed us the details of this ceremony through some videos shared on social networks where the center of attention was Ilda, who had chosen a simple and very elegant dress for her most beautiful day.

Almeda Abazi’s husband, Tolgahan Sayisman, was also present at the wedding.

The latter has shown that he is quite connected with all of Almeda’s family members and he confirmed this to us once again with the last action for the model’s mother.

He posted a photo with his mother-in-law on Instagram and wrote some sweet words about her.

“My heart, my mother-in-law”, Tolgahan wrote in Albanian in the photo with his mother-in-law.

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