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The new Criminal Procedure Code is foreseen to be processed within two months, which provides for the trial in absentia – Latest News

The new Criminal Procedure Code, which provides for trial in absentia, is expected to be processed within two monthsPhoto: Laura Hasani

Today, the Assembly, with 92 votes in favor, none against and no abstentions, has approved the acceleration of the procedure for the first review of the amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure.

After the vote for the first review of the amendment and supplementation of the Code of Criminal Procedure to be done in an accelerated procedure, the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu stated that within two months they can proceed with the new Code of Criminal Procedure.

“The competence to address war crimes belonged to UNMIK, then EULEX and then local institutions. In order for the special prosecution to have time to deal with these cases, it is important to change the procedure in this law. So far there has been no serious treatment of war crimes. Lack of political will has caused this to affect the will of institutions. We will process the new Code of Criminal Procedure within two months “, declared Haxhiu. / Voice

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