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“Kaniher we are saying, he is on the floor and now he is coming”, the touching story of Cima’s son

On March 26, 2021, the well-known humorist Rasim Thaçi-Cima passed away.

One month after his loss, three children Adelina, Burimi and Artani were invited to the NIN show on Klan Kosova.

They showed how they are spending time now and how many days after Cima passed away.

The son of the deceased, Artani said that they are spending most of their time looking at their family photos and videos as they spent moments together.

Among other things, he added that they still do not believe what happened and more are having a hard time in the evening.

“Almost every day we are watching the videos in some form, we still do not believe what has happened so far, we are saying it is in the village or an interview is coming now, every moment is as if you are waiting.

“As for the videos almost every night, in the evening it is more difficult for us because we are all together, we have always discussed all the daily things or something we had and we are just noticing its absence”, said Artani.

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