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The variety of hospitalized with COVID-19 is lowering, 883 sufferers are being handled in HUCSK

The number of patients seeking hospitalization in UCCK COVID-19 clinics and general hospitals continues to decline.

According to the report dated 14 September 2021, in the entire Clinical and University Hospital Service of Kosovo, 883 patients are in treatment, 734 with oxygen therapy and 55 in aggravated health condition, in intensive treatment.

Number of patients by COVID-19 clinics and general hospitals

Infectious Diseases Clinic, 94 patients

Infectious Diseases Clinic II (Sports Medicine), 77 patients

Infectious Diseases Clinic III (Interno), 58 patients

Pulmonology Clinic, 78 patients

Intensive Care COVID-19 and Intensive Care at Infectious Diseases Clinic 27 patients

Gynecology Clinic, 14 patients

Pediatrics Clinic, 4 patients

Prizren Hospital, 123 patients

Gjakova Hospital, 71 patients

Peja Hospital, 148 patients

Gjilan Hospital, 70 patients

Vushtrri Hospital, 15 patients

Mitrovica Hospital, 46 patients

Ferizaj Hospital, 58 patients

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