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The water pipe on “Llapi” street in Prishtina is damaged, the residents are left without water

While working, a company damaged the pipe that supplies drinking water to customers, starting from “Llapi” street to “Ilir Konushevci” street in Prishtina.

“Dear customers, we inform you that today around 18:30, third parties have damaged the water pipe with a diameter of 200 mm in the street” Llapi “in Prishtina”, said the spokesperson of RWC “Prishtina” Arjeta Mjeku

She pointed out that usually, when pipes are damaged by economic operators, contractors or private and institutional contractors and subcontractors, the damage is caused to the extent that they become increasingly difficult to repair.

All consumers are without drinking water, starting from “Llapi” street to “Ilir Konushevci” street in Prishtina. Operational and maintenance teams of RWC “Prishtina” sh.a. they are at the scene and are dealing with the repair of the defect “, stressed the Doctor.

She stressed that it is still unknown how long the repair will take due to the nature of the defect.

“Damage to water pipes by third parties has become a phenomenon as an irresponsibility of their work process”, stressed the Doctor.

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